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Alkalize or Die: Superior Health through Proper Alkaline-Acid Balance
by Theodore A. Baroody

An eye opening self-help book that carries an important message with one simple principle -- ALKALIZE YOURSELF! Discover what causes tissue and wastes in the body and how to prevent maladies using foods that create alkalinity. Alkalize or Die includes a 21-day menu planner, 55 recipes, fold out acid alkaline/acid food combining chart, and over 350 foods with their alkaline/acid values. Health food stores rave about it. Uses as a teaching tool by health groups around the world.


Reverse Aging
by Sang Whang

Copyrighted in 1990 and first published in 1991. With over 60,000 copies in print, it is regarded as the original scientific thesis of the new theory of aging. The author receives phone calls and mail from all over the world in praise of his work. It has been translated into Polish, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, German and Korean by volunteers who wanted to share the information with their countrymen.


The Enzyme Factor
by Dr Hiromi Shinya Shinya Medical Clinic New York

"Shinya Method" has become widely used in colonoscopy procedures worldwide "It is widely recognized in the medical profession that a healthy and clean colon is one of the most important precursors to good health and that the great majority of body aliments and diseases originate in an acidic and dirty colon. Water is essential for your health. Drinking "good water", especially hard water which has much calcium and magnesium keeps your body at an optimal alkaline pH".


The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health
by Robert O. Young, Shelley Redford Young

Say good-bye to low energy, poor digestion, extra pounds, aches and pains, and disease. Say hello to renewed vigor, mental clarity, better overall health, and a lean, trim body. The key? Your health depends on the pH balance of its blood, striking the optimum 80/20 balance between an alkaline and acidic environment provided by eating certain foods. Now an innovative, proven effective diet program can work with your body chemistry and help revitalize and maintain your health.


The Seven Pillars of Health
by Dr Don Colbert

"Water is the single most important nutrient for our bodies and is considered a "miracle cure" for many health conditions. It is involved in every function of our bodies. Water is the main lubricant in the joint spaces and helps prevent arthritis and back pain. Water increases the efficiency of the immune system. Water prevents clogging of arteries in the heart and brain, and thus helps reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Water is directly connected to brain function - it is needed for the efficient manufacture of neurotransmitters".


Your Body's Many Cries for Water
by Dr F Batmangelidj

"In my professional and scientific view, it is dehydration that is the biggest killer, more than any other condition you can imagine. The author has found chronic dehydration to be the cause of many conditions including asthma, allergies, arthritis, angina, migraine headaches, hypertension, raised cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, depression and diabetes in the elderly".

Alkaline Ionized Water has smaller water clusters that maximizes hydration in the body.

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