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1 Why should I drink ionized water?
2 How does ionized water get its antioxidant properties?
3 What is Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)?
4 Why is it so important to maintain a balanced body pH?
5 How do I find out what my pH level is?
6 Who is ionized water intended for?
7 Can a person drink too much alkaline water?
8 Is drinking ionized water safe for children?
9 How soon after starting on my ionized water program should I expect to see results?
10 Are there any negative effects to using ionized water?
11 Why should I purchase a water ionizer?
12 How should I start using ionized water?
13 What are some of the uses of alkaline and acidic water?
14 Electrolyzed vs. ionized water...are they the same?
15 What is the difference between your various models and which model is best for me?
16 Will I need to hire a plumber to install my ionizer?
17 Are you a multi-level marketing (MLM) company?
18 A2O disclaimer
19 A2O Terms and Conditions

1. The typical user will derive three main benefits from drinking ionized water. First and foremost, it is a powerful antioxidant. You get all the benefits of anti-oxidants without having to pay separately for them.
Because of the ionized power and its alkaline content you balance your body pH levels. Because of the molecular changes that occur to H
2O you’ll find ionized water to be much more hydrating than standard water.


2. Ionized water has an increased amount of hydroxyl ions. These hydroxyl ions donate an electron to the free radicals thereby neutralizing them. Once neutralized, the free radicals are unable to cause damage to the tissues thereby preserving their function. The antioxidant mechanism of neutralizing the free radicals prevents the occurrence of numerous diseases that are associated with an increased concentration of free radicals in the body.


3. The antioxidant properties of a substance can be determined by ORP, which is a measure of oxidizing ions (such as chloride) and reduction ions (such as calcium). Oxidizing ions "steals" electrons from other substances and reducing ions "donate" electrons thereby giving them the ability to neutralize free radicals. The potential energy for oxidation-reduction is measured by an ORP meter in millivolts (mV) as positive or negative values. Positive ORP value indicates more oxidizing ions (lower pH) and negative ORP value indicates more reducing ions (higher pH). A2O alkaline water for drinking has ORP ranging from -100mV to -300mV.


4. Experts agree that the more acidic a person is, the greater the risk of experiencing negative physical and mental symptoms which lead to many ailments and diseases. How our body functions is not only affected by the foods and drinks we consume but our daily habits and lifestyles can all affect us and our pH level. Eating a well-balanced and alkaline-rich diet is the best way to neutralize our body for optimum health. Click here for some common pH values.



5. We provide test strips that you can easily use at home to assess saliva or urine pH level. Call 877a2owater (877.226.9363) or request a free test kit here


6. People and pets – in fact ionized water is intended for anyone who is conscientious about their long term health.


7. No! Although a person can become water toxic if they drink more than they should. This rare condition has nothing to do with the content of the water.


8. Absolutely. It is a natural way to provide children with extra doses of the calcium that children need as their bodies grow.


9. This will vary from individual to individual. You should be feeling the results anywhere from a day to a few short weeks.


10. When used properly there are no known negative effects.


11. It is the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to obtain ionized water.


12. When just beginning you should allow yourself no more than 1 – 3 glasses per day. As your body adjusts to the miraculous power of ionized water. After a week or so you can then use ionized water in the same manner you had used traditional water.


13. Please click here for suggested usage and applications of various pH level water.


14. Yes, although technically both are separate processes required to produce the end product. Through the process of electrolysis, which is a method of separating the water molecules by passing an electric current, regular tap is ionized into two forms: low pH (acidic) and high pH (alkaline) water. Thus, ionization is the physical process of converting H2O molecules into ions, thereby giving the negatively charged OH- ions the potential to attract positively charged alkaline minerals.


15. We understand that the decision to invest in an A2O Advanced Alkaline Water System is an important one. Which model best suits your specific needs will depend on several factors, including performance, functionality, aesthetics, and price. We are here to help you make this process as easy and informative as possible. Click here for a model comparison chart.


16. Our water ionizer system fits most standard kitchen faucet and comes with easy step-by-step instructions.


17. No. We are not affiliated with MLM. A2O is a California based corporation that imports and sells electrolyzed water systems. There is no membership to join and there is no middle man.




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